Monday, December 12, 2011

A Very Fun & Batman filled Birthday... Pt1!

December 3rd was birthday and my just amazing boyfriend, Anthony, invited all of my friends and my parents to go have dinner and drinks at "The Elk" which is a local Pub in the Downtown Spokane area. Not everyone was able to come, but I was so happy to see everyone who was able to! It made my day that they came all the way out to come see me, and of course enjoy the good food.

The best part was that Anthony planned it all, invited everyone and even sent a message to a new and good friend he didn't know to see if she would be able to go, and the worst part was that he ended up getting sick that night! I felt so bad that after all he had done, he wasn't able to enjoy the night as he should have.

But that morning before the Elk, was just as amazing. I'm such a lucky girl... We starting off with breakfast, which he made , and then onto opening gifts that he had got me before we went out shopping.

Anthony and I are both pretty big comic book nerds, so we have a lot of various comic & related posters and such throughout our apartment. So, I def was excited to see a touch of Batman that day. Anthony went all out with wrapping them up too (I really wish I had taken a picture, the wrapping was gorgeous!).

Overall, it was a great day! Thank you all for making it a great one. :)


  1. Honestly, I think you're over exaggerating my part in this, but I am very happy that you had such a good birthday! It was awesome to see so many of your friends and I thought that the Elk was a perfect place to spend the evening. I hope you had a good one, babe. Love you. <3

  2. I don't think I was exaggerating... The whole thing wouldn't have happened if you hadn't of planned it all :). I had a great Birthday, thank you babe!


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