Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter Wardrobe: Keep Warm, Stay Cute

So far this winter has been very mind, very chilly, but we haven't really had any snow... until this week. We knew it was coming, but no matter what happens it seems not everyone is fully prepared for the cold winter chills that want to keep us inside.

I have a hard time staying in for more than a few days, and I love to war dresses and skirts on days that I have off from work. But, I still want to go out and look nice on dates with my honey, so I try to use various accessories to help keep my legs warm.

My Staples for the Winter:
  • Pea Coats (I have 2, but prefer my long one)
  • Scarves (Thicker & Softer the better)
  • Gloves
  • Stalkings (I have about 6-8 different pairs)
  • Legwarmers (Black for sure, but I wouldn't mind more)
  • Lined boots, or Uggs
(I probably should have invested in a cute winter headband or earmuffs for my ears, this year... But I did get a cute red hat for Christmas!)

Tips for the Winter:
  • Use legwarmers under year-long boots.
  • Wear two pairs of stockings instead of just one.
  • Stalkings + Legwarmers + Heals = Very Cute.
  • Layer tanks & T-shirts under a sweater or vest.
  • Tights under pants, for another layer for warmth.
  • Emergencies happen, keep an extra blanket or coat inside your car.
If you have any tips, or tricks you know for keeping warm in the winter feel free to share them. I'm always trying to find ways to keep warm, and make use of my entire wardrobe.

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