Monday, February 27, 2012

DIY: Flower Hair Clip

  • Glue (I usually opt for the glue gun)
  • Flowers* 
  • Optional: leaves*, stamen*, buttons, gems...
  • Piece of felt or fabric circle
  • Hair Pin
First, glue each layer of flowers in the order you want them.

Then, attach foam or fabric to clip with glue and glue to the bottom of the flower. Make sure you are able to open the clamp of course, and you're done!

It's pretty simple, once you make one it'll be hard to stop making all sorts of combinations of colors and sizes. They make for good conversation starters with friends, as well as great gifts.

*I often use fake flowers (or make my own)  from various types & colors to make a completely unique flower, but for this tutorial I decided to go pretty basic.

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