Tuesday, February 28, 2012

History: Feathers in Fashion

Throughout time there has been a history of people wearing feathers to make a statement, from the Native Americans (by men as a sign for an accomplishment, such as a good huntto 16th Century European Aristocrats, and had died away until the 1920's during the Flapper Era, where it again died out.

In fashion we see a lot of rehashing of the past few decades, and not typically we do not look too deep into history or to other cultures for fashion trends. But today feathers have been all over, from hair extensions to feather accessories, to prints and textiles. But unlike everyone else I wasn't quite so ready to jump on that bandwagon, due to my own reasons, but I have been slightly swayed to the belief that they can be used tastefully outside of costume & celebrating heritage. 

A few months back my sister started making jewelry using feathers and some of what she made I really liked! I was surprised to see an actual tasteful way of using feathers because on the streets here in Spokane... most weren't hitting it in my books. But I do realize that is my opinion, and it is a bit harsh due to my thoughts on pairing styles & colors, so don't feel as if you have to take my word or anything!

This vs That
 (Sorry Beyonce... we love you but the sparkles are too much)

This vs That

But, on that note I do believe you can get away with more in jewelry than you can with extensions. After all extensions were meant to match, not clash.

And with that all said, I do plan on showing you all my take on feather earrings! I've made one pair and plan on making a post on them shortly. Please feel free to argue my opinion, post your thoughts or pictures!


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  2. You can do a lot of amazing art work with feathers specially with the peacock feathers.


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