Friday, April 20, 2012

Fashion Trend: Suspenders

I've been seeing a lot of people sporting suspenders, and I have to say I love it!. Its neat seeing people show em' off knowing that back in the 1900s it was considered risqué for them to be shown in public since they were once considered an undergarment meant to keep pants from falling down!

A while back ago I saw a picture of someone wearing them with a pencil skirt, and since then I've wanted my own pair. It was adorable, And after seeing a tutorial over at, A Beautiful Mess, I realized and I decided I was able to make my own pair for St. Patrick's Day, but let's just say I was delayed a little due to counting error on my part.

So, as you may be able to guess that instead of buying, I made me a pair!  In one of my posts to follow I'll show you how to make your own suspenders (with a slight twist from the link above), & I'll probably do one of my first outfit posts with them as well. I'm kind of excited.

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  1. It doesnt matter if you make them, buy them etc as long as you give them a go. Theres 3 things in fashion i love is 1 a great pair of straight or wide leg pants. 2 suspenders to put with those pants and 3 jumpsuits. i add suspenders to so many outfits more so to my work outfits but suspenders can look good with almost anything as long as they are not too over the top. pencil skirts look fab with suspenders but i prefer with a pair a nice pants a crisp shirt of any colour ( my fav is a white fitted shirt with ruffles )and then add a skinny pair of suspenders and then to top it off a good pair of heels. keep on giving suspenders a go cause they look great on women and are coming so popular


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