Friday, April 13, 2012

April 2012

So, this April has been going by pretty fast. Throughout this month I really have been trying to get our apartment cleaned & organized, as well as spend a little time enjoying some sun when we do get it. Between the sunshine, is when I've been trying to get some organizing done with closets & other spaces.

When my parents moved they gave us a lot of stuff, and trying to find places for everything has been interesting. Its a good thing we have a pretty big apartment & a storage closet to use, or we would be in trouble!

I wanted to say, first off, thank you to all of my new viewers! I'm so happy to hear your thoughts from comments and hope to continue on growing as a blogger.

I have a few posts coming your way, like I had promised in my Recycle: Newspaper Sneak Peak post, as well as DIY Tutorial for making paper roses. But, I also have planned some Spring Cleaning posts with tips & such for storage, especially for your closet.

Instead of listing all of my projects, since most days I don't know what I'm doing til a day or two prior, I'm just going to try and give details about my plans & link back to them. Plus, it is easier not to promise something I may not have time for, or want to finish until later because I got more excited about another project. Anyhow, thanks for stopping by!

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