Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Shopping: BOGO Event at Payless

When it comes to shopping, the better the deal on the things you want the better. Its hard for me to want to spend more than $20 on a pair of shoes I can only wear during one season, but if it can be year round & is great quality its a lot easier to bust out a little more funds. I try to shop most often for clearance and sale items so when Payless does its BOGO event, its hard to resist.

BOGO has always been the best time to shop for shoes for me, since I don't ever buy shoes unless they are cheap. And what's better than getting two pairs for sale? Two pairs that you were looking for specifically, as fair as style & colors go. I have been wanting (since fall) a pair of boots like the one in the picture and haven't really had luck finding ones I liked. Currently these pair are on sale for $15! Pair that with those snazzy yellow wedges or the purple and red heels & it'd be a great shopping day.

Don't wait long to hit up this sale, it doesn't last forever and a lot of common sizes, like mine, sell quickly. I bet you will see lots of bright colors & fun heels to complete your Spring look.

Until next time!

: : Celeste : :


    thanks for the info! lol
    it's night here. so do ve a lovely day!

    1. No problem, its always nice to hear when they do have this sale going on & I just happened to see a commercial for it.


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