Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Minty Fresh

With the season changing to spring pastel colors have become pretty popular, but its easy to understand why. I knew that I liked this color but it wasn't a color I saw often to wear, but now its all over the place. Nearly a week ago I was walking through Macy's & walked past these pair of skinny jeans. I liked them so much I made a comment on em, and I think my boyfriend was surprised I did. 

So, with that comment I realized I was more interested in the color than I had thought. Its pretty close to turquoise which I really like to wear, but a little more feminine. I was looking online and found these shoes (DSW) and they are so cute!

And I just adore the shoes! Plus, I had been meaning to do a post on this for awhile but hadn't gathered the pictures how I wanted in Photoshop until last night. 

What do you think of this color?

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  1. Nice!!

  2. looks like mint is the colour of the year! But somehow I like it...have to buy some new clothes in this colour :)

  3. Very nice blog! Mint is everywhere this season :)
    I Want It All

  4. Oooh! I love this color. :) Cool blog. I followed you.

    Follow me too!

    Thanks. :*

    1. I do too! Thank you for the comment and the follow, I'm checking out your blog as we speak! :)


  5. I like that the mint is not to minty:) I think this kind of mint green would flatter my skin better cause it's closer to turquoise!
    Love the pairing with light fuschia!
    I really enjoyed this post. I hope you can post more stuff like this one for us to enjoy more often!


    1. I like this shade, too. And I really liked the fuschia top as well, thought it gave the post a good pop!

      Thanks for the comment, and I actually do have plans to do similar posts to this in the future, especially now with the request!

  6. The title made me smile; surname being polo I was given the nickname 'minty fresh' after the polo mints!

    I love your blog, so easy to read and very engaging :)

    Love the colour!
    Definitely one of my favourite colours this season!



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