Monday, June 4, 2012

Lovely in Lace

Left Dress: Forever 21, Shoes: ModCloth, Headband: Forever 21, Shorts: K-Mart, Right Dress: Macy's

As you may have noticed already, I really have a thing for lace. There's something about it that's innocent, yet so sexy that makes it truly a timeless trend. There are so many places to find lovely articles of clothing featuring lace, but I found that Macy's & Forever 21 were great mall places, where K-Mart & Target had many cute pieces, too! Never forget to check out online shops too, Modcloth has pages of things I wish I could own.

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  1. Love the lace trend!

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    1. I have to say I like that it is a trend, but it'll always be a classic!

      I'll def go check your blog out!

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    1. Thank you so much! Got some pretty funny stuff!

  3. Laces are eternally fashionable. They look great on shoes, dresses, hats, bags, and lingerie. They give a feminine touch to anything we wear, and the more intricate designs give sexy and sophisticated fashion.

    1. They really do, its hard not to want to wear it all the time.

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