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History of the Trend: Cat Eyes

There's something about "cat eyes" that is sexy, dark, eye-catching & fun that we just can't help but be in love with. Its a sure fire way to have someone look your way, almost as a reminder of a time of glamour in an Old Hollywood sort of way. But where did this trend actually originate?


Most people associate the "cat eyes" look from the 1950's from eyeglasses in the shape made popular by names like Marilyn Monroe & Audrey Hepburn. This eyeglass shape has once again made a comeback in present day fashion, in both eye glasses and sunglasses.

Just as the eyeglass shape was popular, so was using dark eyeliner to create the dramatic style that is designed to corner the outer eyelids to look pointed like... Well, obviously a pair of cats' eyes.

It was a very common look during this era; it was classy & elegant
Ancient Egypt

Although the 50's are the big reason why we gravitate to this trend, it was because of the Egyptians that it became a trend then to begin with.

Both Egyptian males & females wore make-up, in more of a form of face paint using various ingredients from animal waste or animal fat, and like a lot of today's cosmetics, they also used natural oils or beeswax, and even crushing metal lead sulfide (galena), to create khol. Khol was used to darken the eyelids and eyelashes.

To achieve many shades and colors for painting, they took many gems, such as malachite, and finely ground them into a powder. After grounding everything into a fine powder, it was then mixed with oils and/or animal fat or waste. It was then applied to the face using wood, bones or ivory tools.


Many stars such as Adele, Katy Perry, and Angelina Jolie adorn the "cat eye" using liquid or pencil eyeliner. 
The "cat eye" is achieved by applying a thin line of eyeliner along the lash line, drawing outward to the corner of the eye. At the corner, you would twist upward with a flick. Once applied, you can add more eyeliner to get a bolder look

Line only the upper lid for a retro look, line the lower lid as well for a more modern look, or blend with the previously popular smokey eye. No matter how you do it, it'll  be an eye catcher.

I personally love this look because it shows that you don't need a lot of make up to catch someone's eye, or to look elegant and put together for any formal or normal day routine. It draws attention to the eyes, which is one of a humans' greatest assets. There's a reason people call them the window to a person's soul.

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