Saturday, October 27, 2012

DIY: Spiderweb Gift Wrap

With Halloween upon us I knew I wanted to do at least a few posts dedicated to some spooky, pumpkin, scary goodness... So, I brain stormed a little and while playing around with wrapping a birthday present (present being a Spider-Man action figure), you might have guessed that I was inspired by Spider-Man. So here is for you all, a tutorial on how to create a spiderweb using party ribbon.

I chose party ribbon because of its bright colors and ripples which I think helps create a more webbing look than regular ribbon would have, plus its fun and party-like.

Materials: A wrapped gift + Party Ribbon + Tape + Spider (Optional)
With your gift all wrapped up, you'll want to start by taking a really long piece of party ribbon (size will depend on size of gift) and wrap around the gift to create an "X" and literally wrap to put another X on top to create a star-like shape. You'l want to make sure this start-shape is pretty tight, and to achieve this I ended up using a small piece of scotch tape on the corners.

In the center you'll want to tie a good knot. To start the web you'll want to take the ribbon from the center, and pull it up over a string in the corner, and under the next. Twist over the same ribbon, and go over and under on the next. You'll repeat this step until you get near the edge of the box or have made full enough of a web for your liking.

For the last step you'll want to loop over and under as you would have, put pull it slightly to the edge of the gift and tie a knot. Cut off any access string and you're done with your web. As a final touch, I decided to add a little spider that I made from scrap paper (rolled a ball, and attached folded paper for legs!).

I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial, and if you have any questions or want to share anything feel free to comment or send me a message.

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