Friday, October 12, 2012

Preview: Comic Chic 2.0

I have been on an extreme hiatus, and I really want it to end. So I say, "What better way to end something, than with beginning anew?"

I am very excited to announce that I have been working on a new layout for my blog, and it just so close to being complete. Within the next few days expect many changes from the look of the blog, the feel of it, as well as trial and error on my part until I am completely happy with the outcome.

There are many reasons for doing the change, but most of all I think that I need to be true to myself and how my life is. Its crazy, hectic sometimes; I read comics before bed, I'm a barista with a love for caffeine, I'm in love with a writer, I wear lace any chance I get, my desk is always a mess from projects, I love the color red, and I'm gonna be me - no matter if you like it or not. 10 views or 200000000 views a day, at the end of the day... I'm me.

Personal Blogging Goals:
  • Be myself
  • Get organized, some might say monetized
  • Take photos, lots of photos
  • Quality posts with quality photos
  • Nerd it out a lil, they can take it!
  • Show ya my style, how I see things

I have another announcement that I would like to make, but I want to save it for a rainy day - which in these neck of the woods is coming near. Plus, what better way to interest you in returning. ;)

: : Celeste : :

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