Sunday, November 11, 2012

Stay Warm with Kohl's (Discount Code)

I really like shopping at Kohl's, I always find so many things I like at great prices. Last I walked in we saved more than what we spent. Anyhow, right now they have so many cute winter styles that'll definitely help you stay warm during these cold winter months. Right now, I'm definitely a fan of mustard yellow and grey paired together. So I went with that as one outfit and ended up going a little different avenue for the second. 

This weekend they're having their Veteran's Day Sale, so many of the items you see are currently on sale, or have already great regular prices. But, I'd like to add to that.... :)

A little while ago I did a post that included a piece of clothing from Kohl's and I was contacted by a sales representative and was given a lovely little gift that I'm pretty excited to share with you all! So, just in time for the holiday season I'd like to share with you all a discount code for Kohl's!  

This code is good for 10% off your entire purchase, and is stackable, meaning that it works with other discount codes that you might have obtained elsewhere. And don't forget, they also have their Veteran's Day Weekend Sale going on as well! So extra-extra savings!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend, and happy shopping!

10% off code: TENBLOG (expires 12/29)
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    new follower bev

  2. I love Kohl's. That's one of the stores I'm really excited to get back to when I get home. Also, I just found out that we now have an H&M in Spokane and I'm super stoked! I fell in love with it over here. I especially love their "Basics" section. If you haven't been you should definitely check it out.

    1. Yea it just opened, but I haven't had a chance to go to the Valley yet to even go. Hoping to go soon though, I really want to hit it up.


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